Your Questions, Our Detailed Answers

Our paid subscriptions cater to health-conscious, busy professionals, including teachers, administration managers, and marketing managers, aged 22 and up. These individuals thrive in high-stress environments and understand the value of investing in a tool that supports their well-being journey. "Howokru" offers them a personalized and convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst their demanding schedules.

After enjoying the 14-day free trial, users can seamlessly purchase their subscriptions directly within the app. We've designed the process to be user-friendly and accessible, ensuring a smooth transition from trial to subscription.

Subscription can be found in the App home page section.


Users with previously purchased subscriptions gain access to our Daily Well-Being Check-ins, Journal and all our "Insights" features. These essential tools support users in their daily well-being assessments and progress tracking.

“Insights” of previously purchased subscriptions can still be access but will not be available for the coming year. 

While our commitment is to offer users a comprehensive well-being experience, certain premium features and content, including curated inspirations, messaging functions to connect with their trusted circle, and our resource toolbox, are locked for users who opt not to utilize in-app purchases. These features, designed to enhance your well-being journey, become accessible once you subscribe to "Howokru."

"Howokru" prides itself on delivering real-time well-being support. Currently, our platform can accommodate up to 100 users simultaneously in live, real-time services. We aim to provide a seamless and interactive experience to all our users, ensuring that everyone receives the well-being support they deserve.