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Are you a health-conscious, busy office worker or a devoted student seeking a life of balance and fulfillment? Dream of achieving:


✨ Peak physical and mental health.

✨ Unshakeable emotional stability to conquer your dreams.

✨ Optimal body weight and shape.

✨ Graceful aging, filled with vitality.

We recognize your struggles:

❌ Battling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

❌ Moments of wanting to give up.

❌ Starting with intent, but stumbling along the way.


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"Howokru" isn't just an app; it's your dedicated well-being companion. Craft life-altering habits, guided by your personal coach, and embrace holistic growth.

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✅ Kickstart your day with a quick well-being check-in.

✅ Embrace daily inspiration through motivational quotes.

✅ Track your progress and gain insights with intuitive journaling.

✅ Personalized recommendations from our well-being experts.

✅ Lean on your trusted circle for support when the going gets tough.

✅ Unlock a treasure trove of well-being resources tailored to your journey.


With "Howokru," take a mere 10 seconds to pause, reflect, and realign your thoughts, feelings, and actions, charting a course towards a brighter day.

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💡 Daily well-being assessments for an empowered you.

🌅 Inspirational quotes that set the tone for your day.

📖 Effortless progress tracking through journaling.

🧠 Expert recommendations, personalized just for you.

🤝 Unwavering support from your inner circle.

🚀 360-degree assistance on your quest for wellness.

💰 Flexible Pricing Options 💰

🆓 Free Version: Revel in all features FREE for the initial 14 days – it’s like having a “personal coach in your smartphone.”

💼 Paid Version: After 14 days, continue your transformative journey with our “personal coach” for just HK$473 per year.

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